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Saturday, May 31, 2008

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A Short best web host reviews Summary

best web host reviews

Glossary Of Web Hosting Terms

Mon, 24 Mar 2008 14:53:47 +0000

Having recently launched the free ebook "An Absolute Beginners Guide To Web Hosting " I decided that it would be useful to include a glossary of hosting terms for those readers unfamiliar with some of the industry terminology. There follows a run down of some of the most commonly used phrases together with a brief translation of each.

1) Web Host

A web host or web server is basically a computer connected to the Internet. The function of this computer is to serve up websites to internet users and is more powerful than a regular PC. These servers contain all the data stored by website owners that is required for their website(s) to be displayed online to the world at large.

There are various types of web hosting services available to serve varying needs.

a) Free Hosts - Generally speaking, free web hosting is a solution usually suited only to those who intend to set up a non commercial web site or perhaps to blog as a hobby. Usually, free hosting services offer only limited storage space and bandwidth. Free hosts often make their money by placing ads of various types on customer’s websites - these may include banners, pop-ups and text advertising, over which the user has no control. There are however some exceptions to this and in recent times more free hosting offers have been introduced with far better features.

Reliability, best performance and customer support can be lacking in the case of free hosting as well. Although customers of free hosts can usually use their own domain name if they have one, others will be given a subdomain name that includes the name of the host (for example which, for business or professional use does not carry the weight of your own domain.

b) Shared Hosting - Probably the most common option, hosting a huge number of sites across the internet. Shared hosting is popular due to cost and is most suited to personal users and small to medium business sites. Prices will vary widely and users can expect to pay from as little as a couple of dollars per month through to $40 per month depending on the features and level of the service.

With shared hosting, each server is shared among an indeterminate number of customers. Each website owner has a share of the storage space and the resources of the server. The higher the number of users allocated to a server, the lower the cost, but also the less resources available to each individual. The more expensive companies are less likely to overcrowd their servers resulting in improved performance and availability of their customer’s websites.

With a shared hosting plan, customers are usually able to host more than one domain name under a single account plus subdomains and parked domains but in all cases the allowances will differ. Whatever features are offered, all will be subject to the limits placed on the account in terms of space and resources per month.

c) Dedicated Hosts - As the name suggests, a server is dedicated to a single customer. Dedicated hosting is the choice of larger and higher traffic sites that need more resources than a shared host can provide. Customers rent and have total control over the server and can configure it to suit their purposes.

Their are varying service levels with dedicated hosting. A customer can opt to have a managed solution - in other words, the hosting company’s technical team will set up and maintain certain aspects on the customer’s behalf, or you can choose to manage the server yourself. As most webmasters are not hardware experts, a managed dedicated server is usually the best option. Costs for a dedicated server are naturally much higher than a shared service and can run into hundreds of dollars per month. Once again a lot depends on the level of service and support you expect or need.

The term co-located hosting refers to an arrangement whereby the customer purchases the server hardware outright and the hardware is then located at the hosting provider’s data center. Naturally the cost of co-located hosting is higher because the customer has to shoulder the cost of the hardware and it’s upkeep and repair.

d) VPS or Virtual Private Server Hosts - VPS (also called virtual dedicated servers) are an option for those who are looking for more than shared hosting but either cannot afford or justify their own dedicated server. In very basic terms, VPS are servers that do not interface directly with the hardware on which they run and they cannot interface directly with each other. The server is therefore ‘virtual’ and ‘private’ in the sense that it is independent of actual hardware and cannot interact with its file system or processes. VPS pricing varies greatly and is again dependent on the provider and the resources/services on offer, but normally prices should be expected to be higher than a shared host but lower than a dedicated service.

Other Hosting Services

Reseller hosting is a commonly offered service and basically means that a customer of a hosting company buys space on the hosting company’s servers and resell it to their own customers. Resellers will set their own prices and features of the hosting plans they decide to resell. The reseller consequently deals with his customers and their queries and complaints, although sometimes reseller plans are offered by companies who will take care of customer care themselves. A reseller is effectively a ‘middle man’ and his responsibilities will vary according to the company or companies with which he works.

Domain Name

A domain name is the permanent address of a website on the internet. The actual address of a website is a set of numbers and every web server has its own unique address. To remember these numbers would be virtually impossible and the domain name is an easily recognizable translation for human beings. Domain names are available with various suffixes such as .com or .net and each is unique. Buying and registering a domain name is a simple process and there are hundreds of places where customers can obtain the name of their choice. Prices vary from free into thousands of dollars but customers can usually register a domain for less than $20. There is an annual fee for owning a domain, and you can choose to register it for anything from a 12 months and up.

Space / Storage

The amount of storage space available on the server for your website - all it’s files, images and databases. Just like the storage space available on the hard drive of your own computer if you like. How much you will need depends on a whole range of things but nowadays most hosting companies offer more than adequate storage on shared servers for most users.

Bandwidth / Data Transfer

Bandwidth is the term used for the amount of data transferred from a web server to client’s s computer. Whenever a person views a web page, the data is transmitted from the server to that person’ PC. Websites containing audio, video and image files or one offering lots of downloadable content consume more bandwidth than a simple text based site. The bandwidth available to customers will again vary tremendously from host to host and service level to service level.

Just because a shared host claims to offer huge bandwidth allowances does not necessarily make it so as other limits on the account such a CPU (central processor unit) resources will also come into play.

Users who exceed their bandwidth for a given month are sometimes charged for the excess or simply find their website(s) taken offline until the end of the month. Neither is something you really want to happen for obvious reasons.

Server Type

This relates to the operating system than runs the web server. Common OS types include Windows, Linux and UNIX. This has no bearing on the OS of your own PC. The server type will also affect the server side scripting (see below) and database types. The difference between Windows server and Linux/UNIX is that Windows runs ASP and ASP.NET with Access or SQL Server databases where as Linux/UNIX servers usually runs CGI, PHP or JSP with MySQL or Oracle databases. The other difference is that Windows servers are more expensive than Linux/UNIX servers - Linux is an open source OS (in other words it’s free software) whereas Windows is a commercial application that you are doubtless familiar with if you are a PC user. Linux is probably more common because of this, but either will be satisfactory for most webmaster’s needs.

Server Side Scripting

PHP is the preferred server side scripting today because there are hundreds of open source or GPL PHP scripts available for webmasters to use. Many hosts include a collection of such scripts that can be quickly and easily be installed. However PHP does have its limitations and features required by some advanced websites as does the use of MySQL and some professional web developers still prefer to use ASP.NET or JSP while some prefer Cold Fusion, CGI, ASP or PERL.


There are various different types of databases available. The most commonly used is MySQL as it is open source GPL (free) software and can serve a lot of online applications’ requirements such as forums, blogs, content management, mailing lists, etc. Again however, it has its limitations and whilst normally sufficient for for smaller concerns it might not be powerful enough to cope with complicated large business sites. More powerful requirements are served better by databases such as Oracle or SQL Server.


Most people are familiar with email of course but in relation to hosting it is worth a quick explanation. Most paid hosting accounts will include email accounts accounts with the customer’s domain. The number and size of email accounts totally depends on the individual hosting plan. Generally this feature is not included in free hosting but there are some exceptions. Small plans provide as little as 10 accounts whereas some will place no limit on the number available to you. Usually these email accounts are web based and also accessible through POP3 clients. Having your own dot com email address is a must for those doing business online - far more professional than using a personal or free email account which can often be detrimental to the perception of your business.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

File Transfer Protocol is the common way of transferring files across the Internet. Most webmasters use FTP to upload and download their website’s contents. The process of uploading or downloading is performed by using FTP client software and there are many free programs available. An FTP username and password will be provided to hosting customers to enable them to access their web server. Some hosts provide more than one FTP account to their customers according to their requirements.

Uptime / Downtime

There is little point in having a website if it is constantly unavailable for visitors. Downtime (periods of unavailability) need to be kept to a minimum as they can be very costly in terms of lost opportunities and business. Most hosts will claim uptime as a percentage such as 99.9% and anything less is not desirable for a small or medium business. Nobody can truly guarantee 100% because hardware can never be relied on 100% but a host who offers guarantees as well as compensation for downtime is important. Mission critical sites cannot tolerate frequent outages and may use web monitoring services to notify hosts immediately a site goes down. Monitoring software is readily available for those who wish to keep a close eye on downtime.

Control Panel

The control panel is the web based interface used to administer all aspects of your websites and is fully explained in our free hosting ebook . It is where users manage things such as email accounts, statistics, FTP accounts, domains and sub-domains and databases. Some hosting companies use their own control panel and others will use third party applications such as cPanel, the most common Linux control panel in use today.

I hope this glossary, although not exhaustive, will be useful to newcomers and potential new hosting customers and clears up some of the terminology most commonly used.


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The Benefits of a Free Domain

Mon, 31 Mar 2008 11:52:23 +0000
James Rowe, Managing Director of Web Go, an Australian Web Hosting company, describes the results experienced after offering free domain names to web hosting customers.

Download the Web Hosting Show, Episode 147!
Running Time: 14 minutes | File Size: 6.29 MB

Announcing Magento One-Click Installer

Fri, 18 Apr 2008 23:22:20 +0000
Magento Containers now comes with a one-click installer for Magento. You can install Magento, with or without store sample data, in minutes by accessing your site’s control panel.

best web host reviews Items For Viewing

1 and 1 hosting has been around for a number of years, like most reputable
hosting companies they offer a large selection of hosting plans to fit most
webmasters / company needs. The domain was first registered in the
late summer of 1997, they have been doing business since I have been online
(about the same year).

While the prices are very competitive at 1 and 1 their customer service seams to
be lacking, many costumers have posted issues about poor customer service
(something that is very important when evaluating hosting companies). The
importance of good customer services becomes painfully clear when problems
arise. This is 1and1 biggest down fall and the reason for the sub par hosting
grade here on Cheap Hosting Reviews.Net

Services Offered:

As mentioned offers a wide selection of hosting plans and packages as
well as virtual private server, dedicated servers and click and go eCommerce
hosting options (they call these plans eshops). Where shines is their
uptime which steams from a robust set of data centers that have been built �from
the ground up using advanced technology�.

Click Here to go to hostican website.

The aim of this article was to spread as much information on best web host reviews as possible. We surely do hope that we have succeeded in it.
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Friday, May 30, 2008

free file hosting review and suggestion

Learn all about free file hosting

I doubt that I will ever get around to building my own datacenter, but if I do, it will not be close to a highway. Yep, the security implications that this event brings to the surface are disturbing.

Or on Debian:

2008 : The Year of the Acquisition

Thu, 22 May 2008 21:13:00 -0500

Image for blog post

I feel like I should be writing this article for a recap at the end of the year rather than in the middle, but where we are heading is clear to me. In all corners of the tech industry, companies are merging. But this year it seems that the most notable combinations have better reasons than those before them - usually. To begin, we learned in April that Layered Technologies acquired Fastservers. The reason for this venture was described by John Pozadzides, Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President of LT.

"We're really big in the individual unmanaged servers, and we're really big in the grid hosting space. And that leaves this little sweet spot right in the middle for the managed server offerings, which is the only thing that Fastservers does. So when you put the two companies, that's why it's such a beautiful fit for us."

Larger companies are actively seeking specific value to add into their existing offerings. Unlike hosting mergers of the past, the most recent mergers are not for the sole purpose of gobbling up more numbers. Those other deals (think of the ones in 2007) make you ask, "Was it a merger or simply a purchase?" Icing can be layered on but doesn't change the cake inside.

The next tech mix that caught many of us by surprise was the scoop of Ars Technica by Condé Nast Publications. All of us are familiar with the excellent quality of Ars content and didn't imagine they would blend with any other company. Apparently they are on the climb for more readers and more contributions. Ars stated their reason as this below.

"Once we realized that an acquisition would be the quickest way to accelerate the growth of Ars, the question turned to who the best possible partner could be. Respect for our community and our stewardship of the website was of utmost importance, and Condé Nast could offer both.

Just as important, Condé Nast is privately owned, unquestionably strong, and has a very solid reputation for respecting and fostering talent. We wanted to be somewhere corporate leadership would "get it," somewhere the next fiscal quarter isn't more important than the long term, and somewhere with a proven track record of fostering smaller businesses."

The two mergers I have mentioned so far have a clear basis of providing a better, smarter service while expanding at the same time. This idea brings me to the latest question on the tipping scales this week: the surprise which combined efforts between ThePlanet and TouchSupport. In press releases, TouchSupport has mainly been described as a provider of server administration and management. While they do offer such services, what is instead most important about TouchSupport is that they provide technical support to many hosting companies, who may or may not have services with ThePlanet. You can imagine the complexities of the feelings on this merger. Instead of acquiring their services, ThePlanet instead acquired the company itself.

"At The Planet, we are interested in extending our Advanced Services portfolio, and the services Touch Support provides its customers are precisely the kinds of offerings our customers are requesting. We evaluated a number of companies, and Touch Support was identified as the ideal company to help us jump start these services for our dedicated hosting customers and to grow that segment of our business. As we see it, it's an ideal fit for both companies and for our customers."

What does all of this movement mean for the rest of the year and years ahead? Hopefully you have a very solid idea of where your company stands and how you will navigate its growth. There are always options but never choose swiftly. And companies you rely on for information or support may change their own directions, therefore causing a few detours on your map of success. Stay subscribed to publications like theWHIR for the latest news and predictions.

More About Kayla

Surpass Hosting

How to Podcast

Sun, 03 Sep 2006 03:32:57 -0400

How to Podcast

How to Podcast - WebsiteMaven.comPodcasting is all the rage these days. MP3 players are ubiquitous from teenagers on skateboards to old people on elliptical trainers in the gym. Stationed overseas, I became more and more weary of the poor content on AFN and finally purchased an MP3 player so I could listen to better.

Because the Apple iPod quickly attained a position of dominance in the MP3 player industry and Apple came up with a great, simple way for users to listen to content, the process of "broadcasting" audio and video content via Web download has come to be known as Podcasting. This article will cover, soup to nuts, what podcasting is and how you, your church, or your organization can both use and/or publish your own Podcasts.

read more

Read More

Tucows Platypus Billing System

Sun, 13 Mar 2005 00:00:00 EST
The Platypus Billing System, developed by wholesale domain provider Tucows, is a leading recurring billing and subscriber management system designed to automate billing for Internet and application service providers and online merchants.

Server Resources for Peaks in Traffic

free file hosting Items For Viewing

Lunarpages Web Hosting is among the top rated, affordable web hosting service
provider for uptime, customer support, and feature-rich hosting. Lunarpages
prides itself on pampering the customer, so new clients can expect to receive
personalized attention and can be assured that their needs will be personally
and efficiently taken care of. LunarPages's main focus is customer service, and
as a result, it is very well regarded in the web hosting industry as the top dog
in customer support. At Lunarpages, a client is not treated as just a number in
a computer but a part of its family, and above all, the employees will strive to
provide the clients all of the support that they need when they need it. Company Background

LunarPages has been in the web hosting business since 1998. It originally
started out as Add2Net and in 2000, it evolved into LunarPages. It has continued
to focus its core business on providing hosting solutions for personal websites,
small to medium sized businesses and currently provides hosting for over 100,000
satisfied customers on its 2500 fully-owned servers. LunarPages is
well-established and well-regarded as one of the biggest, most secure host in
the industry.

Key Features of The LunarPages Hosting Plans

LunarPages offers personal and business hosting plans that encompass shared
hosting packages to virtual private servers to dedicated servers for different
hosting needs. All annual web hosting plans come with a free domain for life,
unlimited email accounts, ecommerce applications and support, free setup,
unlimited FTP accounts, 99.9% uptime guarantee, unlimited subdomain creation and
free CoffeeCup software worth $700. Its most popular package is the Basic
Hosting Plan. This hosting plan features 350GBytes of disk space, 3500Gbytes of
bandwidth per month, one free domain name with up to 10 additional domains on
the same hosting space and costs $6.95/month when signing up for a two-year
plan. The hosting package also includes the most popular site building tools
such as the web hosting control panel, frontpage extension support, log files
and site statistics, SSI management, SSL secure server support, mySQL, perl
scripts and cgi-bin support. In addition, it provides free web design templates,
blogs such as WordPress, Content Management Systems (CMS) like Joomla, Photo
Galleries and are Cpanel ready with Fantastico (35+ scripts) and other
pre-configured scripts such as Guestbook, FAQ builder, phpFormGenerator, Chat,
and project management scripts.

Support and Reliability

LunarPages uses top-of-the-line high performance dual core processors to host
its websites. It maintains three separate state-of-the-art datacenters for
superior redundancy and processing power. The three datacenters total an
impressive 656,000 square feet of server storage space, complete with redundant
UPS power grid and generator-backed power of up to 150 Watts per square foot. In
addition, the datacenters are supported by monitoring software to ensure the
highest quality in performance, security and network protection. The datacenters
and network equipment are manned and monitored by a knowledgeable technical
staff who are on site 24X7 and 365 days out of the year to ensure that the 99.9%
uptime guarantee is not violated.

LunarPages also maintains a technical support staff around the clock, 24 hours a
day and 7 days a week, to answer technical related questions by providing
toll-free phone support for all clients. They can be reached at 1(714) 521-8150
at any time of the day. In addition, it maintains a comprehensive online help
and tutorial knowledge base to help those customers who want to learn more about
available hosting features and how to utilize them.

LunarPages Signup Coupons

Discount coupons for LunarPages are offered on a monthly basis. LunarPages
routinely runs special promotions on most of its hosting plans, including shared
hosting, VPS and dedicated server plans. Most of these coupons are good for 1-yr
and 2-yr signup plans. Check back with us regularly to find the latest coupons
offered by LunarPages.

Click Here to go to Lunar Pages

Questions are meant to be answered. This is why we hope that all your questions on free file hosting have been answered by this composition on free file hosting.

Fujitsu Computer Systems Corporation
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Questions and answers about ix web hosting

Communication is needed in all walks of life. This is the reason for us to write this article on ix web hosting; to communicate it's meaning to everyone.

inexpensive web hosting
international space station
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A synopsis on web hosting india

Questions about web hosting india

Does this mean that it is actually possible to have a relatively new site with very low traffic running a successful thriving hosting business? You bet it is. Here’s how.

Or on Debian:

August 2005

Mon, 15 Aug 2005 13:46:33 -0400

Web Host Industry Review Magazine - August 2005Table of Contents

Learning to Let Go

Hosting from the Beach

The Wi-Fi World

Outsourcing Support

Reading the Tea Leaves

Server Seizure Concerns

London, United Kingdom - (The Hosting News) - May 22, 2008 - Designed to be powered by renewable energy sources, a new green data center, drawing power from a local combined heat and power plant, has been unveiled by Rackspace Managed Hosting.

Cpanel takes control of Windows servers

Fri, 19 Oct 2007 01:43:47 +0000
Cpanel, one of the leading providers of control panels for Linux and FreeBSD web hosting servers has announced that it would be releasing a beta version of a new Cpanel Server Suite that would be its first Microsoft Windows Server® 2008-based product line.
A Slashbot job advert seems to suggest that Cpanel is recruiting Windows application ...]

Today`s suggestion:

hostgator is providing Linux and Reseller web hosting services, has been founded
in 2002 and now it's six years in business. average uptime is 99.902% (rank #2124 on our directory) with total
8145 successful and 8 failed checks, monitored since 2005-10-05. Similar
companies with 99.902% uptime are and

Search for "" on 3 biggest search engines returns average of 207666
results so company name popularity rank is #42.

There have been 215 positive votes for hostgator and 53 negative. And overall
company rank on our directory is #101 (similar companies are and

Web Hosting Packages

Hatchling Plan (Type: Linux) - 350 GB space, 3000 GB bandwidth for $4.95/mo

Baby Plan (Type: Linux) - 600 GB space, 6000 GB bandwidth for $7.95/mo

Aluminum Plan (Type: Reseller) - 24 GB space, 250 GB bandwidth for $24.95/mo

Copper Plan (Type: Reseller) - 40 GB space, 35 GB bandwidth for $34.95/mo

Silver Plan (Type: Reseller) - 60 GB space, 500 GB bandwidth for $49.95/mo

Gold Plan (Type: Reseller) - 80 GB space, 600 GB bandwidth for $74.95/mo

Diamond Plan (Type: Reseller) - 100 GB space, 700 GB bandwidth for $99.95/mo

Some technical data about

IP Location: Texas - Amarillo - Internet Services Inc

Blacklist Status: Clear

Nameserver: NS1.hostgator.COM

Registrar: ENOM, INC.

Server Type: Apache/1.3.34 (Unix) mod_auth_passthrough/1.8 mod_log_bytes/1.2
mod_bwlimited/1.4 PHP/4.4.1 FrontPage/ mod_ssl/2.8.25 OpenSSL/0.9.7a

Website Title: Reseller Hosting - cPanel and Reseller Website Hosting by

Description: Reseller hosting, dedicated servers, and virtual webhosting as
provided by hostgator LLC

Click Here to go to hostican website.

There is no need of stressing on the point that we have put all our efforts in compiling what is written here of web hosting india. Just hope you appreciate it.

Microsoft - Windows Marketplace
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Monday, May 26, 2008

web hosting user reviews Reviews & News

Questions about web hosting user reviews

Start-Up Career Fair

Tue, 20 May 2008 15:54:18 +0000
Techvibes is hosting a Career Fair dedicated to the unique opportunities available at Tech Start-Ups in Vancouver. The event will merge the ‘unconference’ format of DemoCamp with a traditional Career Fair. Hiring companies will have the opportunity to pitch prospective employees on the benefits of working for their start-up as well as highlight some of ...]

After receiving the message I was able to set up my

sites under the newly assigned IP addresses and the

sites that were down for like 18 hours were online

and functioning properly within minutes.

Other than web storage space, the monthly bandwidth had been increased as well. Hostican hosting is now supporting ioncube, zend optimizer, curl support, imageMagick, hotlink protection and much more.

Parallels (formerly SWsoft) is a worldwide leader in virtualization and automation software that optimizes computing for consumers, businesses, and service providers across all major hardware, operating systems, and virtualization platforms. Founded in 1999, Parallels is a fast-growing company with 900 employees in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Featured web hosting user reviews Items

I'm quite happy that is short as this means I haven't had any big problem during
these months. Just 2 things to add to what I wrote in the past:

I've had seldom connectivity problems to our websites, I couldn't always check
if it was hostgator problem or other problem related to my connectivity but
sometimes it really looked like it was hostgator problem.

I'm just talking about few times for some minutes. Not really a problem for us.

The only really annoying thing it happened is that once one of our website
( has been discontinued because it loaded too much the server.
Generally speaking suspending a site because is loading too much the server
could even be a positive thing (you prevent the whole server sites to slow down
too much, you can have time to see if someone is "attacking" the server or the
site ecc.). What I'm complaining about is:

1) We received no warning about it, not before, not after the site was
suspended!!! We just realized it, wrote to support and got an answer after few

2) We received no details about the excessive load the server was experiencing
becasue of our site, no detail about where the problem could lie (too many sql
queries? too many hits? heavy php proccesses? ecc. ecc.) so as to understand
better if this could happen again and possibly how to solve the the problem.

All in all this leaves you with a scary impression: it just happened one time
but it could happen anytime not knowing why it happened (and why it stop

Having said that I still think hostgator provide a good service (that needs
improving though) and can confirm what I wrote in previous review.

Click Here to go to hostican website.

cheap web hosting company
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cnet web hosting review page

Understanding cnet web hosting review

That is all the proper IP\’s for your server, not sure how it happened but when they did the upgrade they reassigned some of your other IP\’s and assigned new ones, which I only just got all of today. I\’ve added and configured them on your server so as long as you use the IP\’s listed above you should have no more problems.


Mon, 26 May 2008 14:12:09 +0000 is proud to announce the latest release of its free hosting plan.

If you’re after a webhosting service with a difference, professional support, reliable uptime with an easy to use interface- look no further than our free webhosting service. offers the following in every free hosting plan.

* 250MB disk space

* 6GB monthly transfer

* 3 MySQL databases with MyPHPAdmin

* Instant activation. No waiting around!

* Powerful CPanel administration

* Fantastico script installer

* Unlimited catch-all email, with Webmail and custom MX records

* Subdomain

* Add up to 5 custom TLD domains (

* Custom error pages with full .htaccess

* Add your own advertisements to earn revenue

* Useful Statistics reporting

* Galleries, Blogs and CMS ready to install

* Up to 3 different forum software ready to install

For more information, please check out a detailed list of all the features included in our free hosting plan.

Our live online help, community forums and support ticket feature offer great solutions to customers experiencing difficulty with their websites.

For more information, please visit

I’d be interested to hear your comments or suggestions on how to improve this package for the benefit of the webhosting community.

Server resources also come into play when it comes to blog hosting. Just in case your article gets dugg on or hyped up on any of the other big social news and link sharing sites, can your web site take the punch in traffic? This is something you should discuss one on one with your web host - but it most cases (unless the host isn’t that established) you should be OK in this department too. If using WordPress there are also addons that will make sudden growths in popularity more bearable, such as the WP-Cache addon.

Starting your own online store can be an exciting and lucrative opportunity. But take note - your Web Host can affect your site’s performance and reliability.

Liquid Web to Announce New HQ

Fri, 23 May 2008 00:00:00 EST
May 23, 2008 -- ( <> WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) -- Web hosting and data center provider Liquid Web said on Friday it will soon announce the location for its brand new multi million dollar world headquarters facility.

RegistryPro hopes to get more professionals will get with its .pro program

Thu, 22 May 2008 04:26:26 +0000
The company, which is the official administrator of the new .pro top-level domain, is trying to drum up business among professionals for the new domain names.The company is hoping to lure qualified professionals to the domain by offering a combination of a specialised domain name and a digital certificate designed to authenticate identity, Sloan Gaon, ...]

Nobody Check 1.03 Released

Mon, 18 Dec 2006 19:26:43 +0000
I’m very excited to announce that 1.03 of Nobody Check is ready for download.
This FREE security tool is now better than ever.
The Nobody Check tool is a new and unique security tool that can detect malicious processes that are running on your Linux server and report them to you in real time or by email. ...]

Today`s suggestion:

ixwebhosting General Information

ixwebhosting is providing Linux web hosting services, has been founded in 2003
and now it's five years in business. average uptime is 99.946% (rank #2107 on our directory) with
total 7423 successful and 4 failed checks, monitored since 2005-10-24. Similar
companies with 99.946% uptime are and

Search for "" on 3 biggest search engines returns average of
40333 results so company name popularity rank is #123.

There have been 83 positive votes for ixwebhosting and 120 negative. And overall
company rank on our directory is #1151 (similar companies are and

Web Hosting Packages

Expert (Type: Linux) - 600 GB space, 6000 GB bandwidth for $3.95/mo

Business Plus (Type: Linux) - 1000 GB space, 8000 GB bandwidth for $6.45/mo

Some technical data about

IP Location: Kentucky - Hopkinsville - Hosting-network Gmbh

Blacklist Status: Clear

Nameserver: NS1.ixwebhosting.COM NS2.ixwebhosting.COM

Registrar: ENOM, INC.

Server Type: Apache/1.3.31 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.8.18 OpenSSL/0.9.6b

Website Title: Welcome to IX WebHosting

Click Here to go to ixwebhosting

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